Our Goal

is to shape the positive change of a society and the perspectives for people, animals and nature through sustainable projects and knowledge transfer.

For this purpose, AMAIDI brings together companies or private individuals who would like to become socially involved for a limited period of time, and social organisations that need additional manpower and financial support.

Our Vision

is to provide social organisations with access to professional volunteer resources.

For this purpose AMAIDI offers voluntary resources from all over the world.

Our Mission

is to inspire and mobilise private individuals, companies and universities to volunteer their skills (pro bono) or their manpower (hands-on) locally or worldwide.

For this purpose AMAIDI offers sustainable projects.

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Voices about AMAIDI

I got much more back than what I gave!

Miguel (54)
from Spain

I volunteered in an orphanage in Nepal for two months. At the beginning all volunteers got to know the language and more about the country and its people during a two-week introduction at the partner organisation in Kathmandu. The introduction was great and included two excursions lasting several days.

Dustin (36)
from Germany

The three-month engagement in Tanzania has really changed my life for the better. I am so grateful that I was able to make this experience and I thank the whole team for the good support from the beginning. Volunteer in Tanzania.

Carolin (32)
from Spain

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