Our offer for non-profit organizations

Are you collecting donations with great effort to pay in order to spend them on external services.  It is much smarter to recruit skilled volunteers who provide their expertise and knowledge free of charge (pro bono).

Since 2003, we have been working closely with non-profit organizations of every legal form, size, denomination and nation, which is why we know the needs, concerns and needs very well. Especially when it comes to implementing projects in which temporary specialist knowledge is required, that is very cost-intensive.

The recruitment and the selection of the appropriate service provider in general is a very time-, money- and resources-intensive task. It will be even harder to find someone who is qualified and wants to contribute his knowledge or his work free of charge.

This is where AMAIDI starts!

We support and advise you before and during the recruitment phase for finding qualified volunteers, who will either help you to ivolve your organization or to support your projects locally and abroad. Benefit from the know-how of highly motivated specialists who wants to contribute their knowledge, build capacity in your projects and want to exchange ideas on an equal footing.

With these experts (knowledge transfer, pro bono) or extra labor (extra hands, hands-on), we provide valuable support for non-profit organizations, which otherwise would be difficult to afford or be paid with donated funds.

Your benefit

  • Flexible, transparent and cost-efficient access to qualified know-how professionals
  • Capacity Building through knowledge transfer into your projects and thus effective help for self-help
  • Set up regular reportings to measure the impact of your projects

Become our Project Partner

Use the expertise of dedicated volunteer experts from our candidate pool!