The “marketplace” Christmas story: A new website for the Bergisches Wünschemobil

The association Hits fürs Hospiz e.V. asked us for advice: Due to technical reasons the website of the Bergisches WünscheMobil was threatened with closure at the end of the year. What to do? It was obvious that the request could not wait until the next "market place".

We decided to try it out*. After all, it is also exciting for us as the organising team to see how effective our network already is. What happened next exceeded our wildest expectations.

It took less than two hours until Social Media Manager Sonja Theile-Ochel from Rheinda – Communications Agency agreed to take over the redesign of the site.

We are thrilled, amazed and very happy about it!
THANKS to Sonja Theile-Ochel – and good luck with the new site!


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