Interview with Niels: What would you like to archieve in the future?

Learn more about what Niels like to archieve personally and professionally in the future.

Firstly I think, of course, coming here as a volunteer all by myself in a context that I’ve never been in before, has resulted in a lot of personal growth as well. So it was very interesting for me to learn.

And to learn about the culture, to learn about the habits of people to discover and to discover the Malawian culture. So personally, I look foward to the future. I’m really hoping to remain as open as I am today and just be open minded about all the different viewpoints that people can have about certain issues and keep on learning from the different viewpoints. That’s for me personally.

Professionally, I think it’s also great.  I’m used to work in a in a group of consultants. So we usually come in for example for a cost reduction program and we come in with a number of consultants and we reduce the cost. I mean, we measured a reduction in cost, but here it’s just me by myself. So also professionally, I think it’s a big challenge to take ownership of such a project and to deliver it all by myself. So professionally, I hope this will also help me grow further in my career.

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