Collaboration between AMAIDI and the dutch program Wereldhulpweken

Thanks to the hard work of JoHo in the Netherlands, their excellent preparation program and their guidance, a group of 16 motivated young people from Holland have been in India for three weeks, working, learning and exchanging. We hope that AMAIDI Volunteering in India, at the Indian side of the organization, has reached its aim to make the Dutch participants realize that India is a country where people are sometimes unable to make the best of their lives, but that our personal involvement – as a supplement of the work of development NGOs – can make a (small) difference in the lives of those who have not.

AMAIDI is confident that all the DVA-activities will go well in Holland. We wish all the candidates good luck!

Wereldhulpweken is supported by a Dutch government sponsored program, called ‘Xplore!’, the Dutch organization JoHo organizes the Wereldhulpweken (‘world helping weeks’). During the summer vacation period, Dutch young idealists can thus apply to work for a few weeks in India in grassroots development organizations. This will be a yearly recurrent event.

A few examples:

  • helping to teach women how to cultivate organic vegetables
  • assisting teachers at a village school
  • supporting girls in a batik workshop
  • participating in an HIV/Aids awareness campaign



Read more at and about JoHo in general at
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