Interview with Niels: What did you enjoy the most?

Learn more about what Niels enjoys the most about working with the NPO.

It has been great in that sense that it was not an easy time. It was during COVID. So there was a lot of uncertainty about when the project would start, when we would be able to continue with the project. So a lot of uncertainty. AMAIDI, as I already mentioned, was able to take a lot of that uncertainty away and provide some stability. Provide some guidance and some coaching and really ensured that I was confidence to be able to deliver the project and to live up to the project standards.

Next to that, AMAIDI also provides professional guidance. So whereever I got stuck with the project like I don’t know what I need to do in that workshop. Do we need to look at this topic? Do I need to talk to that person? Professionally in order to make the project succeed, Tanja has allways given me a lot of professional guidance, which I really appreciate.

And then finally, on the personal level, the AMAIDI team are also very nice people to work with. I have January here in Malawi. We have Tanja, all very nice people, very, very friendly in meetings. It’s just a nice way to be organized and to participate in projects such as this one.

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