Bring them to the Light or How to reduces flight causes from Africa

“Bring them to the Light” is a projects which intend to connect Students and Teachers across the world empowers teachers and young people to work together online using the Internet and other new communications technologies.

This learning environment will then connect students and Teachers in global collaboration, Students & Teachers will study their own culture, traditions, and ways of life, and make comparisons with other cultures to find similarities and differences. Whilst it’s been hard to grapple with social distancing, cancelled events such as community outreach projects “Bring them to the light” during COVID-19 outbreak has been a decision that is necessary, we are all finding ways to be adaptable, especially when facing challenges.

We will follow-up with ideas of how to connect with students and teachers in this global community remotely engaged through social distancing whilst still adhering to our mission of using creative approaches and technology to address our learning platform, with this Pandemic Time for all our world communities and friends we desire innovative and creative ideas. In times as difficult as this, we again turn to the arts and innovative approaches to get through difficult times. This project will also hope to capture students’ lives in global conflicts. Students will clutter on topics such as their dreams, family life, daily routine (etc.) then students have the ability to comment on other colleges around the world to learn more. This project will allowed students to recognize their similarities and differences but acknowledge their common humanity. In the project students will introduce class room projects in which participants would research and exchange information, photos, essays, and videos about their communities in order to learn more about them and their importance to their nation and the environment. In addition, project facilitators will match and connect more countries for per-scheduled video conferences, and organize visits and activities combining many countries to explore national projects of nations around the world. This Project will transform Education into an institution that turns out children equipped with skills to be productive and contribute to the global economy.

Alusine Kamara, Founder & CEO of Volunteers Service Sierra Leone, West Africa

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