Interview with Niels: Please describe your project with the NPO?

Learn more about Niels’ project at the NPO in Malawi.

I’m working for Youth Activists Initiative Organization, which is an organization focused on young people.

They’re doing this in a number of domains. One is education. Getting young people into school and keeping them in school. Another one is sexual reproductive health. Means making sure that we can prevent the spread of HIV, AIDS and other issues. There’s also one about career where they actually help and guide young people towards a nice career path. And finally, there’s also a part about sustainability. Means empowering young people to really contribute to sustainable development in the wider context. So that’s what the organization is about.

My project specifically is about updating the organizational policies and more specifically, the strategic plan. So we are really looking ahead for the coming 5 years, how can we make the organization grow mature and become bigger and have a bigger impact on more young people?

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