How can I make knowledge last?

Since I am here, it is clear to me that it is my knowledge that I want to pass on. So that something can be developed based on this knowledge.

Often I ask myself if it makes any difference that I’m here, because I disappear again anyway. If I am honest, I understand the volunteering system less and less over time. We come down, want to help, offer support and after a year, we disappear from here back into our old life. Back to the life where we have everything. Can that really help the people here? People who come here to leave.

Why is the world so unfair?

Why I ask myself this question is quite simple. Why is the world so unfair? And why isn’t the basic idea of everyone to change it? It just won’t go into my head. I rack my brains over it every day.

We live in such a great, beautiful, diverse world. But some of us have the chance to experience it and some of us don’t.

We live in the 21st century, which means that 2017 years have passed since the birth of Christ. Let that be on your tongue 2 0 1 7 years.

And still we live within limits. I don’t mean borders between countries. It’s the borders that you can’t see, but that make the difference

When it was clear that I would go to Ghana, I could not and did not want to know what my aspirations in Ghana should be.

Since I am here, it is clear to me that it is my knowledge that I want to pass on. So that something can be developed based on this knowledge.

But how, when I am soon gone again. How can I promise to help a young adult, who has no constants in his life, if I am not constant for him? How can I teach someone in one year how to get a piece of structure in work processes when it is not even really clear how to work? I think it is incredibly important that there are volunteers. But that is not enough to help in the long run.

For that you need a constant that you can always rely on. Perhaps the articles I am currently writing are quite critical of society. And I repress far too much the fact that a lot of things are going wrong in Germany, too. I have always closed my eyes to that, too.

How can knowledge be made permanent?”

Please help me answer the question. Whoever can answer that should win the Nobel Prize for society

I just notice, more and more, how frustrated I am that there is such a big difference in this world. And that this difference is dominated by money. I’m still feeling great down here, by the way.

Thoughts are dark, but I won’t let that spoil my happiness. And that, in my opinion, cannot be paid with any money in the world.

I wish you all the best and love.

Your Leo…

PS: I have one more question. I have an ant trail in my room. We share the room amicably. When I let my thoughts run free, I always watch the ants. The ants have a very funny tick, they always run against each other. So the one coming from above always runs with its head against the ant coming from below. Every ant does that. And you know that the ant trail is not just five ants. So why do ants always run against each other? Maybe one of you knows the answer…

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