The desire for more self-determination and purpose is increasing. Every second a person is dreaming of a sabbatical. On the other hand, Non Profit Organizations (NPOS) are looking for more volunteer support and expertise. As a volunteer organization, our business customer AMAIDI brings both worlds together. Read more about the work of #AMAIDI in the online magazine “The Color of Money” of the #Triodos Bank Europe’s leading sustainability Bank. See full article here. The original text is only available in German.

A stem cell researcher from Germany found sense of purpose in an AMAIDI project: He was in an Indian hospital, where he helped to set up a laboratory.  Prior to and during his assignment he was supported intensively by staff from AMAIDI. This is only one of about 500 stories. The mission of the volunteer initiative, launched in 2006, is to provide volunteer project placements for people of all ages in non-profit organizations (NPO) worldwide.

Not the type for beach vacations
Since 2014 Tanja Siebert holds the reins at AMAIDI. She founded the nonprofit organization AMAIDI International GmbH and assumed the post of managing partner. Responsibilities: Centralize the decentralized network, manage 70 people on five continents and keep an eye on finances. Basically, Tanja says, “I’m doing nothing else than in any other global company.” Only the content and objectives of their work are different. Previously, the business graduate worked in management in large international logistics companies and became the first woman under 30 to join the top management. One day, there came a turning point; Tanja wanted to get out of the routine and commit to being a full time volunteer for a while. But the search for a social institution ended unsuccessfully: “No one wanted to hire me for a period of only a few months, this was a frustrating experience,” the 42-year-old says in retrospect.

Make a sustainable difference
Right here is where AMAIDI’s core competence lies. Depending on your life situation volunteer project can range from one month to two years.  This was reason enough for Tanja to join AMAIDI. In addition she can also use her extensive experience as a global leader to create meaning, here. “AMAIDI and Siebert – fits” she says with a wink. And the same “spark” is there between the volunteers and the NPO: “For us, the qualification of the volunteers is what counts, this must fit with what the social institution needs,” says Tanja. Currently we are looking for consultants for entrepreneur in Togo and educators for a youth project in Kenya for example. One of the important things for AMAIDI here is the transfer of knowledge to the social institutions, so projects run successfully in the long run. A summary of AMAIDI’s current projects can be found here.

Both sides benefit.
And not only the NPO will benefit. The dedicated volunteers often return from their time out feeling very positive. Some report that they are more relaxed, and value their life differently, says Tanja. Even companies who release their employees for an AMAIDI sabbatical benefit from their commitment: “In the NPOs people learn to work across sectors on problems, find unconventional solutions and learn how to maneuver in other cultures – these are skills that are increasingly looked for in all companies, “says Tanja.  kh

AMAIDI CEO Tanja Siebert did not think twice when it came to choosing the right bank: “As a charity, we must keep a close eye on our costs. For a manageable fee the Triodos Bank gives me all functions of a modern bank including a dual control principle for transferring money. So I can be sure that each cent goes back to our volunteering program. In addition I get the opportunity to buy shares in Europe’s leading sustainability Bank and can therefore accelerate the transformation of our economy.

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