AMAIDI – Your global partner for sustainable social commitment

We create sustainable development through the knowledge transfer and capacity building in people’s livelihood in more than 50 countries worldwide

Who we are

  • AMAIDI means Freedom and Silence in Tamil.
  • AMAIDI was founded in India in 2006.
  • In 2014 the Non-Profit Organization AMAIDI International gGmbH was registered in Germany as the global headquarters.
  • We work independent from any confession and are politically neutral.
  • We are part of a worldwide network with exciting projects in more than 50 countries.
  • We do not support orphan tourism or missions in war and crisis areas.
  • AMAIDI’s purpose is to provide volunteers in different phases of life the opportunity to pass on their knowledge, with the aim of social development. Certain professional qualifications are therefore crucial for many projects placements.
  • We work with project partners who are personally known to us and with whom we have signed a written agreement. With over 90% of our partners we have been working together for several years.
  • We do not pursue an economic objective, but serve charitable social, cultural or scientific goals.
  • We work globally, sustainably, systematically, holistically, pragmatically, in the long term partnerships and for a substantial, positive change of global society.
  • Our Team has already gained experience in voluntary projects.
  • The holistic approach makes AMAIDI an excellent provider of volunteer and pro bono services both locally and abroad.

AMAIDI in Numbers

Years of experience
Team Members
Project Partners

What we do

  • We give non-profit organizations access to professional support that is difficult to finance with donations.
  • We advise, place, qualify and accompany socially committed companies and individuals during in the selection, preparation and perception of the commitment. All from one source!
  • We create jobs and prospects in countries with a high unemployment rate, and for people who have difficulties finding a job.
  • We ensure a know-how transfer on request of the respective project partner, where financial support is not supported, or necessary skills are missing or can not be paid for.
  • We promote social and individual development through knowledge transfer between the private, commercial and non-profit world.
  • We recruit and places volunteers with specific or general skills in non-profit organisations both locally and throughout the world.
  • We enable local communities to meet their challenges and grow. A partnership on equal terms, where non-profit organisations find volunteers that precisely fit their projects’ needs, while the volunteers broaden their horizons and sharpen their soft-skills at the same time.
  • We develop innovative, market-oriented approaches and implement them autonomously.
  • We create long-term and meaningful partnerships between non-profit organizations and for profit companies in order to add social value.
  • We enable committed individuals and companies to engage themselves with their skills (pro bono) or with their work-force (hands-on).
  • We build bridges between individuals and organisations, welcoming them as temporary colleagues; whether on a short-term consultancy mission or a long-term engagement.
  • We offer affordable placements in over 50 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America.
  • We offer individual personal advice and guidance before, during, and after the voluntary service.
  • We support corporate partners in developing international corporate volunteering and social sabbatical programs uniquely tailored to meet their needs. Thus we identify optimal program duration, participant selection, project scope, and targets that will also fit into your CSR strategy.

Our Offer

Thanks to our many years of experience, our worldwide network and the good cooperation with the project partners, we are able to offer our services such as consulting, mediation and training from a single source.

for Individuals

Advice on all legal, organizational and financial matters

Placement in a social project on site or worldwide, pro bono or hands-on

Individual preparation before and during the commitmentRead More »

for Companies

Consultation on the introduction and execution of CSR and corporate volunteering programs

Placement in a social project on site or worldwide, pro bono or hands-on

Accompanying measures for personnel development or team building, as part of the CSR strategy or as a preparation for retirement.Read More »

for Project Partners

Consultation for targeted volunteer recruitment and project design

Placement of one or more suitable volunteers for short and long-term assignments

Webinars for further development of your organizationRead More »