Added value through social and economic action

You know that expert and demographical change does not come by nature, but a challenge that can only be successfully managed with sustainable concepts. Each approach must be measured by strategic advantages for the company while at the same time fostering the interests of employees and society. More and more stakeholders – employees, customers, partners and investors – pay attention to if and how a company is socially committed. In particular, the Millenials Kids or Generation-Y.

Social responsibility, however, does not depend on good intentions but on what is done and lived in the company on a daily basis.

The size of the company does not matter, since the design possibilities are more diverse than ever before. In addition, the focus of social commitments can be adapted individually to the requirements, the core business and the goals of your company.

Whether burnout prevention, employer branding, outplacement, teambuilding, talent development programs or a softer exit from active working life into retirement. Make your contribution to holistic and overall economic sustainability.

AMAIDI accompanies you from conception to practical implementation. As economic and social action belong together!

In nowadays the success of a company is not only measured by its economic indicators, social responsibility and value-oriented action become more and more important.

And so social commitment in the terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become an important component for many companies to sharpen their own profile.

Furthermore, it was sufficient to donate money for a “good cause” at the end of the year.
Those days are over!!!

Today, the question is not whether a company is socially engaged – it about how and with what effect!

The advantages of socially commited companies go far beyond pure reputation effects, provided that they make

  • their social commitment more focused and credible;
  • the results of their engagement tangible and measurable.

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