Invitation to a conversation

We are very pleased with your interest in a professional social engagement. We will find out in a joint discussion which volunteer project could suit you and your individual situation. We accompany our committed people from their initial desire to be involved to the final implementation of their wish, by giving advice on all legal, organizational and financial questions, such as the following:

  • What are the opportunities to be involved on the ground?
  • In which organizations can I engage socially, and at the same time make my involvement useful and beneficial by bringing my skills (pro bono)?
  • I want to get involved abroad, perhaps even in a so-called “third world country”, e.g. in development cooperation! What do you have to consider for an international assignment?
  • Where are my help and skills needed? How can I find a suitable project for me?
  • When is the the best time to talk about my plans with my superiors? How can I prepare myself best?
  • Are there any engagement offers for people over 30 years?
  • And above all, how to integrate the commitment to my current life situation?

AMAIDI provides answers to these questions.
Because AMAIDI place and qualifies volunteers of all ages and backgrounds for volunteering in Germany, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Central and South America for a limited time!

Source: © AMAIDI, Consultation with Country Coordinator Vietnam Mr. Dung Tran 

Our consultation is without obligation and the first hour is free! 
YOU decide when and with which organization make contact. Please contact us by e-mail or phone for a personal consultation, because we would like to devote adequate time to you!

On our FAQ- website page for individuals FAQ-Seite für Privatpersonen page, you will find responses to the questions frequently posed to AMAIDI. Please help us save time and resources by first checking if your question has already been answered. Thank you very much.

Make an appointment today or apply free of charge and without any obligation.