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Integration starts from two sides.
We will never be able to prevent refugees. As long as power, money and greed rule the world, there will be people who suffer. But these people can become friends. And there is nothing better (and easier) than getting to know new cultures, new food, or new directions in this way.

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This is Ghana- for you!

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My goal is that when I go back to Germany, I could do my part to make the quality in the workshop at least a little bit better. In a Western world view! But lesson one: "This is Ghana."

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Africa is not a playground for disoriented youth! 

Since I’ve been here, I haven’t met another volunteer who could be used here as a specialist. You meet a lot of young adult volunteers, almost all of them from Germany. 99% of them have graduated from high school and work here as teachers or in other social education institutes. Does a high school diploma qualify someone to work with traumatised children and act as a teacher?  I don’t think so.

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