Volunteers help with their Expertise

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ENGAGEMENT In dealing with widely ramified organizations Tanja Siebert versed. Through her previous work for an internationally active logistics company has learned to think in large structures. The graduate in business administration has introduced for her employer a unified IT system in many countries, lived and worked there. So they held a management position at a young age.
These experiences can now be used for a new professional task Siebert. Since 2014, it is engaged as managing partner for the social enterprise Amaidi which organizes volunteer services worldwide. The goal is to promote development. Amaidi offers projects that create human livelihoods, environmental or educational projects.

Partnership meeting in Essen, Germany in 2016

News, Press, Publications

The development and professionalism of the work at SERPAF in Brazil. Tanja Siebert reported on the opportunity to participate in a program in which people who would like to work in social projects during a Sabbatical. Assistance is provided in connection with the use of carpentry and in the arts sector.