Recap of the third Marketplace Good Business in the Rheinisch-Bergisch district

On 28.05.2024, around 50 people from politics, business and the community from the Rheinisch Bergisch district took part in the third "Marketplace of Good Business" at the Kulturbahnhof in Overath.

The third “Good Business Marketplace” in the Rheinisch-Bergisch district built on the success of the first two speed dating events for companies and volunteers: around 50 participants, including 17 non-profit organizations and 14 companies from the Rheinisch-Bergisch district, got to know each other on 28 May at the Kulturbahnhof in Overath and signed a total of 18 engagement agreements with a total engagement value of around 14,000 euros. The format, which has already been successfully practised in many cities, including Cologne and Bonn, brings companies and non-profit organizations together and initiates cooperation on an equal footing. The special thing about it: no money is involved, the partners support each other with four exchange currencies: Know-how (pro bono), manpower and time, networks and contacts as well as work and material resources.

Impressions of the marketplace 2024

The third marketplace was also supported by the Dr. Jürgen Rembold Stiftung zur Förderung des bürgerschaftlichen Engagements as the main sponsor and the Kreissparkasse Köln with active (wo)man power.

Before Dr. Rembold opened the negotiating floor with a gong, he presented awards to the two best cooperations of the second “Marktplatz Gute Geschäfte Rhein-Berg” in Odenthal. “The project is a prime example of civic engagement,” said the Rösrath founder, explaining the reasons for sponsoring and awarding the prizes. “It builds an important bridge between companies and civil society.”

The award winners

The prize of 200 euros each was awarded to the Elterninitiative herzkranker Kinder Köln e.V. and the Stiftung Gute Hand. Both projects were supported by the entrepreneur Maria-Theresia Wolff from Phantasiali Stoffe. Dr. Rembold thanked the entrepreneur for her role model function and announced that the most fruitful and sustainable cooperations of the third marketplace would be awarded again in the following year.

Ms. Wolff from Phantasiali Stoffe in Bergisch Gladbach carried out a small voluntary sewing project with children from the Stiftung Die Gute Hand. Award winner: Stiftung Gute Hand, represented by Ms. Alexandra Reinhardt, Head of Public Relations and Fundraising read more

Ms. Maria-Theresia Wolff from phantasiali stoffe and Ms. Claudia Eggers, Elterninitiative Herzkranke Kinder Köln Ev, sewed until the needle bent. They sewed hats, scarves and reading bones, which will be sold at the Christmas market on Monday, December 18, 2023. The proceeds went to children with heart disease. read more

After the bell rang, non-profit organizations and companies exchanged ideas intensively, collected exciting new ideas and not only concluded written cooperation agreements, but also made new contacts with each other over a delicious buffet.

Among the participating non-profit organizations were Die Platte e.V., Flotte Kisten Overath e.V., kreativBox & friends e.V., Mentor – Die Leselernhelfer Overath e.V., OVplus Stadtmarketing Overath e.V., RockId one, Stiftung Die Gute Hand, TV Forsbach 1914 e.V., FAIReinskultur. Companies represented included DIENES Werke für Maschinenteile, Feelgood Trainer, Ringana, SBDW – Senioren Beraten Die Wirtschaft, Schneiderei phantasiali stoffe, Vitamin Text, the IT company Vidinli Software, Help in Deal, etc.

Ms. Sylvia Asmussen, Specialist Office for Civic Engagement and Volunteering, also gained first-hand impressions. She is also thinking about implementing the “Good Business Marketplace” in the Oberberg region.

All engagement agreements made during the “Marketplace” were recorded in writing on the evening of the event. Their implementation will be monitored by the organizer team. The best collaborations will be awarded prizes at the next marketplace, which is expected to take place in early summer 2025.

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