12 Good reasons

The range of volunteer and pro bono programs is becoming increasingly large and confusing. Read here what speaks in favour of choosing AMAIDI:

We do not make a financial profit by advising, placing and accompanying volunteers, but are committed to the transfer of knowledge and civic engagement.

As a non-profit organisation, AMAIDI is committed to ensuring that the commitment does not depend on the financial situation of the volunteer. Read more about our Financingprograms.

Even before their deployment, you will receive comprehensive information about the process, the contact persons and the task at hand. For assignments abroad, we also provide information about the costs of accommodation, give detailed country information, organize the transfer from the airport to the accommodation, and much more. In order to make the start easier, introductory events are held on site. Individual support before, during and after the project assignment is provided in your home country by a coordinator in your national language before departure and a coordinator in the national language or in English on site.

Our prices include a variety of services. We have carefully selected these and only include or quantify those things that you will actually need.

The fee is only due in case of a successful placement.

The application can be made at any time.

At the end of the assignment they receive a qualified certificate of employment.

Our large network of employees guarantees professional and at the same time personal support. Permanent employees worldwide are committed to AMAIDI – for example in the selection, preparation and support of our volunteers and/or project partners. Most of them are former volunteers who can draw on their own experience. In addition, they are comprehensively trained by AMAIDI for their respective tasks. In every AMAIDI partner country there are permanent staff members who are available for our volunteers at any time – in case of emergency even around the clock.

To ensure that all those involved benefit as much as possible from the voluntary commitment, we attach great importance to personal support and guidance before, during and after the assignment. With detailed discussions and reports we ensure that the learning process is deepened and we jointly evaluate the experiences made.

Unfortunately not everything always goes smoothly. Whether it is a dispute, disagreement, accident, illness or lost passport – in such situations support is always needed. Together with our local coordinators we are available around the clock and are there for you when you need help. We also support relatives and friends at home in case of an emergency.

At AMAIDI we are convinced that children as well as animals have rights and that these rights must be protected. Therefore, all employees, volunteers and project partners must agree to our regulations in writing.

AMAIDI means cohesion. At AMAIDI, social commitment and personal development does not end with the project assignment: volunteers have the opportunity to work with us afterwards.