“Marketplace for good business” as a prime example of civic engagement

Civic involvement is already strongly practiced in many parts of society, but it can still be developed – especially as a permanent feature of corporate cultures. As a former financial and investment advisor, I would like to personally promote this. After almost ten years of work for the Foundation, I can say with full conviction: "Altruism is the best kind of egoism".

Since 2011, I have been supporting civic engagement with my Dr. Jürgen Rembold Foundation. The non-profit foundation based in Rösrath (Germany) wants to encourage citizens to take responsibility for the community.

It is not only since Corona that we have known that voluntary work is a supporting element in our society.

With the foundation I would like to encourage people and initiatives to become actively involved and take responsibility. The clearly defined purpose of the foundation allows for a variety of foundation activities. Projects and initiatives from a wide range of areas are supported, such as art and culture, education and training, youth and elderly care, science and research, and environmental and nature conservation.

The foundation’s work is a very personal topic for me. I take a lot of time to select projects and have never regretted an investment.

For me, the “Marktplatz Gute Geschäfte” is a prime example of civic involvement.

I was immediately impressed by the concept. The promise to support the “Marktplatz Gute Geschäfte” as main sponsor was therefore quickly given. Last year’s kick-off event was of great importance for the Rheinisch-Bergisch district. It builds a bridge between companies and civil society and can thus lead to more civic involvement overall.

As a personal fan of competitions, I have agreed to award prizes to the most fruitful and sustainable cooperation as an incentive. Even the Corona-related shift of the second marketplace does not change this promise and I hope that we can reward the most fruitful cooperation and projects with a special prize.

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