For those seeking an authentic India living experience, the AMAIDI village house is it

The house is the basic one room cement block (w/ alcove) where many villagers live with their entire families. The difference is you have the whole place to yourself until about 6:30 AM when Jessy, the tenant, comes home to prepare breakfast and lunch for the children.

Lucky you, no alarm clock needed. The reason you have the whole place at night is that, as most of you know, Indian families sleep with their extended families in rooms just like this one, and Jessy is Camille’s sister in law and sleeps at Camille’s house.  So you are literally trading places with her when you access the guest house facilities during the day –very efficient!! One disadvantage, NO TOILET, although for a guy, it can be quite advantageous as you can really become one with nature.  Actually, as mentioned, you have access to the guest house which is literally across the street, so no problem.

Anything else??  Yes, you may have little visitor friends at night. But then again, it becomes hard to tell what is happening inside verses outside the house. However you are pretty well cordoned off in a little alcove, so again, no problem.

My little friends and I came to a mutual understanding -I would pretend that they were outside, and they would pretend I was sleeping. No, all kidding aside, it is a truly authentic and fun experience. If you are working with villagers or children of the village, than it kind of makes sense to live in the village and this is a safe entree into village life. Am I enjoying it?  Absolutely, I’m having the time of my life and learning how little I actually need to be happy.

Cheers to that!

Brian Gallo

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