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Pro Bono Remote Medical Consultants to support telemedicine service in Guinea, Africa

For the minimum time of 12 weeks, we are looking for Pro Bono remote medical consultants to support telemedicine service in Guinea, Africa. The Non-profit Partner is a small (but growing) team of volunteers building a telehealth services across Guinea, West Africa. Their main aim is to establish the first tech-forward network of Guinea doctors and nurses providing teleconsultations and home-care visits to save time, money, and lives. Thus they need help to provide telemedicine-focused basic outpatient care via Internet-based remote access (WhatsApp video and voice) to their small but growing social impact venture.

Remote Volunteers for Bookkeeping of a clinic in Guinea, Africa

The Non-profit Partner is a small (but growing) team of volunteers building a telehealth services across Guinea, West Africa. They need help to set up and maintain regular bookkeeping for their small but growing social impact venture. This mainly includes data entry for the New York based entity, readying the books for regular mandatory U.S. corporate tax filings. For the minimum time of 12 weeks, we are looking for Remote Volunteers for Bookkeeping in Guinea, West-Africa.

Volunteer for traditional organic farming projects in Nepal

Our Projekt Partners agricultural volunteer program will give you an opportunity to live together with local host farmer family, learn agricultural practices carried out by them since ages, take part in agricultural work. The aim of our project partners work is to marginalize people especially women and children of the rural community.

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Pro Bono Consultant to design a website for NPO in Uganda

This Project covers HTML web programming and web design and the purpose of this project is to create organizational web page that describes organization programs, background, aim, mission ,objectives and its partners. The volunteer will help us improve the status of our current website which is already on basic web program which will be changed…

Pro Bono Consultant for Capacity Building Project

The non-profit organization is conducting community needs assessment on Youth Development, Education (early childhood development, primary and secondary school education) Climate Change, Safe Motherhood & Maternal Health, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Gender (Women Empowerment), Food Security and HIV/AIDS in different communities in Chikwawa District. The NGO believes that establishing assessment facts on the social economic…

Volunteers as Information Technology Teacher in Cameroon

This annual project aims to empower capacities of population for rural areas in the fields of Information Technology, Health, Languages and Culture, Entrepreneurship, Social Responsibility.The Foundation welcomes volunteers with a wide range of levels of experience, in the field of IT/computer science or students with any experience in the fields of culture, languages, Information Technology….

Volunteer at Community Soup Kitchen in Argentina

Our Project Partner paves the way for social mobility to take place by promoting cultural knowledge, education and cooperative work. This Soup Kitchen project started in 1994 driven by social engaged mothers and teachers of Villa 21 (Slums), a large unstable housing settlement south of Buenos Aires. The presence of volunteers and the power to…

Volunteers for Construction Project in Antigua, Guatemala

Our Project Partner is a non-profit organization offering basic housing to families living in extreme poverty. As Guatemala has an acute problem of inadequate housing: a typical house is made of cornstalk walls, a dirt floor and a scrap material roof. Facilities for basic hygiene like clean water and bathrooms are most often non-existent. Beneficiary…

Volunteers for Hygienic School Project in Tanzania

In Sumbawanga, East Africa, most of the schools lack water infrastructure. This problem puts the pupils under epidemic diseases like cholera. Most of the school toilets have no water for children to wash their hands. Therefore so so called School WASH project was initiated. School WASH stands for School Water and Sanitation Hygiene. This is…

Probono Consultants for Organic Farming Project in Cameroon

Our Project Partner generates awareness on the dangers of conventional agriculture, training on organic farming as an alternative method and follow ups to ensure proper implementation and sharing information for sustainability. The project is aimed at enhancing food security and farmer’s participation in environmental conservation for sustainable production during our lifetime and for the future…

Volunteers as care taker for children rehabilitation project in India.

In India 17 Million children are living in difficult condition. This nonprofit organization is working towards creating better life for the children living in difficult condition. They currently working with four categories such as children with disability, children suffering from chronic illness, children of sex workers, children living on streets and railway platforms. They RESCUE,…

Volunteer to assist in Early Childhood Development Center in Argentina

This project began in 1994 as a kindergarten and soup kitchen south of Buenos Aires. Today they have 5 rooms for babies and kids between 2 and 5 years old, there are a total of 120 children. Here the kids attend classes, sport activities, and are provided with breakfast and lunch.The objective of this project…

Volunteers to assist teachers in Kindergarten in Argentina

This Kindergarten is located on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, next to an old landfill site.With the help of the donations, 3 classrooms and a playground for the kids were built to be in a safe place to play, eat, share and start their initial education. About 60 children in the age 3-5 attend everyday…

Volunteers for a small orphanage project in Argentina

Around 40 children and teenagers have found a new home in two small houses outside the city of Buenos Aires. The orphanages allow the children to learn to love and give them the attention their own families cannot. Each home houses has around 15 children and two people taking care of them at a time….

Volunteer Teaching English in Extracurricular School in Argentina

An hour by train from Buenos Aires, Pablo Nogués is a humble town on the outskirts of the city. In an extra-curricular English school, more than 30 students are divided into groups to learn the language in order to improve their future job prospects. The volunteers are role models and mentors for the students. They…

Probono Consultant for Construction and Renovation Project in Uganda

There is a need of interns to boost the basic facilities and infrastructure for the people in poverty stricken communities. The project activities vary from constructing and repairing houses as well as clean water sources for deprived local people. The buildings are made using traditional methods and locally sourced materials. You can learn traditional building…

Probono Consultants for Women & Girl Empowerment Projects in Uganda

Investing in women is said to be a key to development. “Educate her, buy her a cow or goat, or help her start a business and great things will follow: sustained increases in income, greater empowerment and social inclusion, health and education for the children, mental health and happiness. When you teach a woman to…

Probono Consultant for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (Wash) Project in Uganda

The water and sanitation program helps communities obtain adequate supplies of safe water and sanitation facilities by drilling new borehole wells, repairing existing wells, developing spring and rainwater catchments, providing water storage, building community filtration systems, and constructing household latrines, refuse dumps, and surface water drainage systems. These initiatives become sustainable as community members are…

Volunteer for Educational Projects in Rural School inTamil Nadu, India

The Non-Profit Organization has established and diversified the school from Nursery level to Public School up to class VII. They concentrate on affordable rural education to children in the age range of 3-15 years. To provide further progressive education to the rural children, they are in need of volunteering activities for betterment of students’ English…

Probono Consultant for a Micro Finance project for women in India

The registered Non- profit and social welfare organization, proudly presents its eleventh years to achievements in social, economical, mainly centered, Political, educational and environ­mental aspects which are uplifting the rural poor and downtrodden people in Theni and Dindigul districts of Tamilnadu, India. The organization received Micro Finance support for the following two major projects. An…

Volunteer for Sports, Health and Educational Projects in Ghana

The Soccer for Change Project is a soccer project initiated in 2013 to use soccer as a means of transforming lives of kids and youth in and around Gomoa District. The reason why this project was set up is that some Ghanaian kids and youth after school hours are lured into bad peer groups and…

Volunteer at a leatherback turtle hatchery in Costa Rica

Our partner is a non-profit organization committed to ensure the recovery and sustainable management of depleted sea turtle populations in Costa Rica since 1986. The project aims to study the habitat of different turtle species by capturing and studying their movements and feeding habits in water. As Volunteers play an important role in monitoring a…