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A good year ago, our office in Malawi was already hit by a flood disaster. A few days ago, Cyclone Freddy caused great damage, again. AMAIDIs Country Director January Watchmen Mvula informed us a few hours later and asked for support.

While the nation is trying so hard to rescue and offer immediate support to those that have lost their properties and homes, there is alot we have to do to mitigate and adapt to the effect of Cyclone Freddy.

While financial resources  are being made available,  we must be aware that the Cyclone came at the time when people’s crops were almost getting ready for harvest and millions have lost their hope in food security. We have a population that we must support for the next 14 months or so till the next rainfed harvest.

Most areas that have been affected by Freddy may not be suitable for resettling and survivors may find it hard to return there out of fear of another cyclone.

These are some of the ways of adapting to this effect:

  1. We must invest into irrigation farms in these areas for winter cropping. These will provide immediate support to those that have lost their property.

Some of the extent of the devastation was captured in two videos ( (video1 & video2) and pictures by our country director, January Watchmen Mvula.

We don’t have to wait for the next rainfed growing season. If we start early preparation of winter cropping, people can harvest twice before next rains. This will not only offer them food security but also revenue through excess produce.

  1. Drill enough boreholes and make use of any permanent water resources for irrigation farming.
  2. Partner with service providers, general public and donor agencies to donate solar pumps and greenhouses.
  3. For any company given material supply and service contract, they must add a 5 -10% donation. For example, for every 100 boreholes drilled, 5 – 10 must be donated.
  4. Employ local labour in construction of these projects.
  5. Involve every family in winter cropping and ownership of the irrigation schemes.
  6. Consider low cost housing for immediate construction.
  7. Involve the affected families in all labour provision
  8. Provide them preferential access to a good market
  9. Government to consider some temporary tax incentives for certain service providers with tangible national gain
  10. Those that can, please donate dairy cows to them. That will make a great difference to their lives

As financial resources are being made available locally and internationally, we must also come up with good planning on how these finances can be utilised sustainably on projects that will continue supporting the affected and the nation at large.

I am sure there are many other ADAPTATION options we may have as a nation if we all work  together in the Tigwiranemanja Initiative.

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