Our History

A young social enterprise and a global player with strong roots reaching back to 2006, the official founding year of AMAIDI in India.

We combine traditional volunteer work with the dynamics of a young global company.
Experience our history.

Prompted by the Corona crisis and the associated cancellations of the presence marketplaces, but also to offer a regional volunteer platform throughout the year, this virtual offshoot of the “marketplace” was created. Here, volunteers willing to help and those looking for help from the region can post or take on “engagements”. If you have a specific offer or are looking for support, please feel free to use our “Virtual Marketplace”.

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AMAIDI organizes the first “Marketplace of Good Business” in the Rheinisch Bergisch district. There, companies agree with non-profit organizations or associations on a cooperation related to concrete actions. This can consist of specific services, logistical support, advice, the provision of contacts or other activities. In return, the nonprofits provide a service for the company, so that both sides benefit from the agreement. These “good deals” are negotiated at the marketplace event. There is only one rule for the possible forms of the engagement agreement: money is taboo.

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AMAIDI became an official member of the Global Pro Bono Network (GPBN)

AMAIDI celebrates its 10th anniversary.

AMAIDI had grown from a small, India-based organization led by Dutch-Indian couple Jansi and Camille van Neer to a global organization with staff working in more than 14 countries in Africa, North and South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

To better serve volunteers and staff around the world, the need for a central coordinating office became increasingly apparent.

In February 2014, Tanja Siebert, with whom Camille was already working, founded AMAIDI International gGmbH as the global headquarters in Germany and served as AMAIDI’s managing director.

Volunteer Exchange Program

After traveling across India, local teams have been established throughout India to reach out to volunteers willing to explore opportunities other than just South India. AMAIDI Africa is growing rapidly and in Asia, China and Nepal are particularly active.

In December, AMAIDI was invited to participate in an EU-funded volunteer exchange program in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, El Salvador and Nepal.

Country Coordinators

AMAIDI is beginning to focus on Africa, South and Central America, working with volunteer coordinators in Europe and the U.S., as well as local teams, to ensure that all volunteer needs are met before and after arrival.

AMAIDI becomes a receiving organization for volunteers from Europe

AMAIDI is quickly evolving from a small organization to a more professional one as Bangalore came on board. The number of organizations in Europe that want to send their volunteers and interns through AMAIDI is increasing.

AMAIDI continues to work with only a handful of NGO partners in and around Pondicherry and Cuddalore, an academic hospital between the two cities, and a few local high schools.

AMAIDI Volunteering in India has been officially registered as a non-profit organization that enables foreign visitors to South India to volunteer.

AMAIDI Guest House

AMAIDI assisted the Friends of Cuddalore Foundation in the first months of 2005 to spend the money raised on projects for the victims of the Tsunami. Due to stricter regulations throughout India, a guest house near the beach and some private accommodations have to be set up to ensure comfortable and safe accommodation for all volunteers.

Together with the Cuddalore Foundation, AMAIDI is collecting money for the first necessities of life after the tsunami. Supported by a donation from Oxfam-Novib – a community house in the slums of Cuddalore Old Town.

Founding of AMAIDI Volunteering in India under the umbrella of the Cuddalore Foundation.