Recap of GPBS in Mumbai

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Esther along with András (OKA) and Tatiana (Pro Bono Lab), presented the achievements on the Multinational Pro Bono Programme, which was launched at the 5th Global Pro Bono Summit held in Lisbon in 2017, and it is still supervised and supported by AMAIDI. We were pleased to notice that a number of other GPBN members and some international Companies showed their interest in being engaged in this Programme.

AMAIDI’s own cycle rickshaw on the way!

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It took a while to find a proper driver, but finally ‘our baby’ went on its way to its final destination: Puducherry, where she’ll be transporting handicapped, elderly and children for the fare of 1 Rs and others for a common fare. In this manner, ‘AMAIDI’ works at its ‘local…

Sponsor a cycle rickshaw!

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Thank you Martin, Kim, Marije, Roshnie and Rodee. Thanks to your financial contribution AMAIDI could order a new cycle-rickshaw, meant to start a service to transport old people and children on the way to their destination, from the beach village down the road to Puducherry (and back) for a low, nominal fee. The rickshaw…