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AMAIDI projects achieve measurable results with entrepreneurial methods. The core is a transfer of knowledge from private individuals and companies to social organizations: people use their long-term craftsmanship, business, technical and other expertise, and make this available free of charge (pro bono) to a social institution.

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All sides benefit at the same time 

  • The volunteers are sensitized to social problems and find new ideas and new strength through their commitment.
  • In return, the social organizations can realize important projects by means of external assistance.

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Transfer of knowledge from private individuals and companies to social organizations

AMAIDI identifies the needs of the respective project, more specifically the commitment request, it sets goals, clarifies the framework conditions and it brings accurately together supply and demand worldwide. Directly and intently, and without relying on other mediation agencies.

Together we look for a suitable project for you and support you before, during and after your service. This creates the necessary overall conditions for your safe and sustainable social commitment.

Our worldwide and direct access to projects through on-site teams ensures a high level of quality and also allows to create new job opportunities for people in developing countries.

If you want to engage for a limited time and have any qualification or professional experience in one of the following areas, please do not hesitate to contact us and apply for free and without any obligation: Education, Finance, Handicrafts, Industry, IT, Communication, Marketing, Staff (HR), Strategy, Engineering, Sales , Web design, etc.

Voluntary and meaningful commitment – a task that attracts more and more people!

Are you ready to get involved?