Devastation after floods in Malawi

In the summer of 2021, the AMAIDI office was hit by the flood disaster. A few days ago, the AMAIDI office in Malawi (South-East Africa) was hit. Our country director January Watchmen Mvula informed us few hours after and asks for support.

It has been just over six months since the AMAIDI office was hit by the flood disaster in the summer of 2021. In and around the headquarters, the water was 1 meter high. Everything on the ground was destroyed.

A few days ago it hit Malawi (South-East Africa). AMAIDI office in Chikwawa reports that Chikwawa and Nsanje districts are affected by the flood disaster caused by Cyclone Ana. The impact of Cyclone Ana has completely isolated Chikwawa and Nsanje districts as roads are impassable. Many people, especially women and children, are in urgent need of assistance as they have lost everything they owned. Our country director January Watchmen Mvula contacted us a few hours later and asked for support.

Floods have already become an annual event for many people in Malawi. However, the extent of this year’s flooding has reached new heights.

In January, the ministry forecast the threat of Cyclone ANA for the southern region of the country. On January 23-25, 2022, heavy rains occurred in the districts of the southern region, causing flooding.

Chikwawa district was not spared from the devastating effects of cyclone ANA. The district experienced flooding of the major rivers Shire, Mwanza, Thangadzi, Likhubula, Mkombedzi and other smaller rivers in the district.

All 12 traditional authorities in the district were not spared from the effects of Cyclone Ana. These are Makhuwira, STA Chiputula, Mlilima, Katunga, Kasisi, Chapananga, Lundu, Ngabu Ngowe, Masache and Ndakwera. There you can see the horrible sight of destroyed houses, hectares of farmland whose entire crops have been washed away. The residents are in urgent need of basic equipment for the various evacuation centers.

As of January 27, 2022, a total of 84,106 households were affected in all of the above areas (the figure includes households in the camps and outside the camps). Some of the extent of the devastation was captured in a video by our Country Director January Watchmen Mvula here.


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