Interview with Niels: Could you imagine to be involved at AMAIDI?

Learn more about how Niels could you imagine to be involved at AMAIDI.

I think AMAIDI is really an amazing organization. As I said, I think they handle things very professionally. Communication is very transparent and excellent and the people are really fun to work with. You can also you can just share a laugh with them.

So I would love to be involved with them in the future. Of course, I think there are maybe 2 ways. One is, of course, after this project is finished, to do other projects as well. I would be really open to discuss opportunities for that. And secondly, maybe what I was referring to, is more of a strategic challenge of tackling those NGOs that are already doing great work on the field but don’t have the organizational maturity yet with the paperwork and the administration and the other things. I like to help them to develop towards organizational maturity and to develop a model in which we can help the right NGOs to grow. And I think that’s also something I want to discuss further with AMAIDI.

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