Civic engagement, also known as “voluntary work”, “political or social engagement”, is based on the principle of voluntary (assistance) performance without expecting anything in return.

Civic engagement can be carried out in an environmental protection, human rights or other charitable organization, but also by private individuals and means a concrete, practical use of time, money or material resources for common goals. In the first place, however, civic engagement is a self-confident form of assuming responsibility for shaping society.

Irrespective of age, it is possible for anyone to get involved; whether as a young person walking dogs, as a school graduate doing a voluntary social or ecological year (FSJ, FÖJ), as a professional (social sabbatical, pro bono) in an NGO, as a pensioner telling stories to children, helping to repair a bicycle or planting trees. If you want to be active, you will find something that suits your abilities.
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