“Give the world something back”

“Give the world something back” – do you feel the same way? A social commitment can work miracles, reveal new prospects and open up a new view on the most important aspects.

According to a Forsa survey, the 40% of people dream of escaping their daily lives, taking a break and trying something completely new. Only 4% actually do this because they shy away from jumping into the unknown.

Personal engagement (a so-called Social Sabbatical) can be integrated into the professional life in various ways. Either by saving overtime on a long-term account, changing a full-time contract to a part-time job, claiming unpaid leave or applying for an exemption in economically weak phases. Also an employment between two jobs or the gentle transition to the retirement is gladly realized.
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Individuals, especially skilled employees and executives, who wish to make their free time meaningful through sustainable social commitment, will receive our support for their plan if they …

  • … actively engage with their manual labor (hands-on) or their knowledge (pro bono) in a project of a non-profit organisation
  • … not only donate money but really want to induce change
  • … learn to understand a foreign (organization) culture and want to look at the world consciously and with open eyes
  • … become socially engaged and at the same time achieve further personal development.

Then we are the right partner for your social commitment!

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