Recap of GPBS in Mumbai

Esther along with András (OKA) and Tatiana (Pro Bono Lab), presented the achievements on the Multinational Pro Bono Programme, which was launched at the 5th Global Pro Bono Summit held in Lisbon in 2017, and it is still supervised and supported by AMAIDI. We were pleased to notice that a number of other GPBN members and some international Companies showed their interest in being engaged in this Programme.

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How was it back then? How is it today?

Asia, News, Thailand
When I first came to Ban Nong Phong two years ago everything was different! Many things have changed and developed both visually in the village, at school or in the…
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2017- ayekoo! – Well done!

The NGO "Soccer for Change" is founded, hence you made this year the best gift for me. For me, an incredibly beautiful, exciting and above all trend-setting year comes to an end. With your help, I have been able to give our project a real foundation by establishing a nonprofit organization. Thank you!

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RECAP Europäischer Pro Bono Summit 2017 in Budapest, Hungary

A few weeks ago I flew to Budapest with my colleague Peter Richard Gilbert to participate in the second European Pro Bono Summit. This year’s event was hosted by Volunteering Hungary in cooperation with GE Hungary and KPMG Hungary and with the support of the BMW Foundation, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Taproot Foundation and Pro Bono Lab.

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Africa is not a playground for disoriented youth! 

Since I’ve been here, I haven’t met another volunteer who could be used here as a specialist. You meet a lot of young adult volunteers, almost all of them from Germany. 99% of them have graduated from high school and work here as teachers or in other social education institutes. Does a high school diploma qualify someone to work with traumatised children and act as a teacher?  I don’t think so.

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