Since April 14, Miss Getty, a lawyer from the Netherlands, works as a legal volunteer at REAL organization, a Non-Profit-Organization based in Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, India promoting women’s rights.

‘How successful are we, Miss Getty? That is what we like you to find out for us’, told Mr. Lawrence this morning, when I was attending Getty’s first day at work in the office.

“INDIA has elaborate laws to protect the rights of women, including the Prevention of Immoral Traffic, the Sati (widow burning) Act, and the Dowry Prevention Act. Women and children have figured prominently in the government’s agenda of social reforms and initiatives. However the Government is often unable to enforce these laws, especially in rural areas where traditions are deeply rooted. Dowry, Female bondage and forced prostitution are widespread in some parts of India”

‚Miss Getty has to find out where REAL can still improve the gap between the effective awareness of women’s rights and the lack of it’, as Mr. Lawrence put it.

Many obstacles to the realization of women’s human rights in India, are social and cultural in nature, deeply rooted in the traditions of its communities.

This is what is written about women’s rights on one of the many websites covering this issue,

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