Mother Theresa Hospice Puducherry cares for the destitute

In Reddiyarpalayam, just outside the main town of Puducherry on the way to Villupuram, lies Mother Theresa Hospice, run by the Missionaries of Charity.

Inge Renckens, AMAIDI volunteer already done with her project at partner NGO ‘REAL’ in the same town, has decided to help the dying and destitute in Mother Theresa’s Hospice in Puducherry for the remainder of her stay in this part of India, another 3 weeks.

A not less than courageous undertaking, because the atmosphere at MTH is not particularly uplifting: old women shuffle around, sounds are produced but not much is spoken, feeding is a challenge as is bathing and being bathed. And amidst them all are the ones that are dying, waiting for the end to come, lying on their beds all day, not able to move or speak.

I have great admiration for Inge who has taken up this task as a non-professional in this area (being a Bacholeor in Finance and Accounting originally). All of us at AMAIDI are wishing her all best of luck in her work and the needed inspiration.

Camille van Neer

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