Impact of International Volunteering

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Despite unprecedented recent expansion of international volunteering and service (IVS), there has been relatively little research on impacts. From research it appears that outcomes for host communities, volunteers, an sending communities vary depending on individual and institutional attributes and capacity. How institutions structure and leverage individual capacity influences who participates and…

Trends in International Volunteering

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In a global village global volunteering makes sense! Over the last few decades the scene of international volunteering changed a lot. Of late reports have been written depicting a positive scenario, in which – in spite of the raise in oil- and fuel prices – volunteers will continue to fly…

Sponsor a cycle rickshaw!

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Thank you Martin, Kim, Marije, Roshnie and Rodee. Thanks to your financial contribution AMAIDI could order a new cycle-rickshaw, meant to start a service to transport old people and children on the way to their destination, from the beach village down the road to Puducherry (and back) for a low, nominal fee. The rickshaw…