Pro Bono Day (also known as Pro Bono Marathon) brings nonprofit projects together with business professionals for 12-48 hours, who provide their expertise free of charge (pro bono) – and put it into practice right away. This gives nonprofits with little or no budget free access to high-quality products and services.

What is Pro Bono Day?

Depending on the topic, a Pro Bono Day runs for 12, 24 or 48 hours. The result is always a concrete product that can be used immediately after the end of the Pro Bono Day and strengthens the non-profit organization in its goal achievement.

What makes Pro Bono Day unique?

Nonprofit organizations, just like businesses, need professionals in areas such as communications, strategy, finance, human resources, or IT. Often, social initiatives are unable to fund these resources and thus fall short of their impact potential.

Pro Bono Day enables nonprofit organizations to meet their need for skilled workers by matching them with service donations from the business community. At the same time, more and more people and companies are looking for a way to use their skills in a meaningful and effective way for our society. Pro Bono Day combines both needs in an innovative and results-oriented engagement format.

Which topics are possible?

  • IT support (databases, apps, website, software consulting…). See also Hackathons
  • Organizational needs analysis (problem analysis, development of solution paths with work plan …)
  • Communication (logo design, naming, brochure …)
  • Strategy (vision & mission, business model …)
  • Personnel (recruiting, personnel retention …)

What added value for companies & employees does the Pro Bono Day offer?

Pro Bono Day offers companies the opportunity to combine social responsibility with the personal development of their employees. Working with social organizations and their specific challenges enables employees to change their perspective and opens up new fields of learning. Especially in the areas of communication skills, teamwork, empathy and the ability to adapt flexibly to different customer problems. In addition, it is a motivating and rewarding experience to be able to help nonprofit organizations concretely with one’s own competencies.

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