The Marketplace Method

Companies agree with non-profit organizations or associations on a cooperation related to specific actions. This can consist of specific services, logistical support, advice, the provision of contacts or other activities. In return, the nonprofit provides a service for the company, so that both sides benefit from the agreement. These “good deals” are negotiated at the marketplace event. There is only one rule for the possible forms of engagement agreement: money is taboo.

The “Good Business Marketplace” originated in the Netherlands and made its way to Germany through an initiative of the Bertelsmann Stiftung ( Since 2007, marketplaces have taken place in over 100 communities in German-speaking countries. This has resulted in around 25,000 “good deals”. In Cologne, the “marketplace” has been taking place since 2007, and in Bonn since 2011. In the Rheinisch-Bergisch district, the premiere of the “Marktplatz Gute Geschäfte” took place in September 2019.

The initiation of social cooperation processes between companies and nonprofits in Germany is characterized by many coincidences” – this is the conclusion of the Bertelsmann Foundation.

The Benefits

Course of the event

On the day of the event, the participating companies and nonprofits meet for the first time. A gong sounds to signal the start of the one-hour negotiation phase, during which the participants engage in a “speed dating” process. The participants have a free hand in negotiating the engagement agreement, with only one rule: money is taboo. Instead, payment is made in one of the four “exchange currencies. “Brokers” are on hand to help bring suitable partners together or to initiate promising agreements. A “notary” seals the agreement in writing.

17.30: Arrival, registration
18.00: Welcome, award ceremony and introduction
18.30: Start of negotiations by gong strike
19.30: Closing with snacks and drinks

The “exchange currencies”

Money plays no role in the agreements negotiated in the “marketplace”. Instead, the respective cooperation partners pay along:

Know-How / Pro Bono

An IT company helps a civic group design its website.

Manpower and Time

A company bakes waffles at a nonprofit organization's summer party.

Networking and Contacts

A company invites an organization to the next business forum.

Working and material resources

An industrial company provides rooms for the storage of clothing donations.

Impressions since the last marketplace

Would you like to organize a “Good Business Marketplace” yourself?

Based on past experience, the costs for AMAIDI’s support of a marketplace range from 10,000 euros to 20,000 euros, depending on the number of participants, with a project duration of six – nine months. For a personal consultation, make an appointment with your local contact today.

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