The company is managed with the aim of creating sustainable value in its own and society’s responsibility and in the interest of the company. As founder of AMAIDI International gGmbH and sole shareholder Tanja Siebert coordinates the work of the management team. Her central tasks include in particular the definition of corporate goals and strategic orientation, the control and monitoring of the operative units, personnel policy and financing. She also prepares the quarterly and annual financial statements and, in future, the management report of AMAIDI International gGmbH. The forwarding merchant and business economist worked for more than 10 years worldwide in various management functions for well-known logistics groups. In 2005, she took an 11-month break and spent six months travelling the world. In 2010 she published the reference book “Key Account Management in globally active logistics groups – Strategy, Planning and Implementation (ISBN 3899369300)”. Since then she has been working as a freelance management consultant with a focus on sustainable corporate management and development as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In 2011, she founded a company that places specialists and managers in non-profit organizations. AMAIDI supported the company with corresponding projects worldwide. At the end of 2013 she received an offer to establish AMAIDI International. With the foundation of AMAIDI International gGmbH she now has the opportunity to contribute her experience and her network from the economic and social sector.

Tanja Siebert
Managing Partner

Founded AMAIDI International gGmbH and is primarily responsible for setting corporate goals and strategic development. Motivation “Set a sign, shape the future”.