The Global Pro Bono Summit is the annual gathering of leaders from across sectors and professions with a shared vision to make the talents and skills of the business community accessible to organizations serving our collective good.

The Global Pro Bono Summit is an intimate, invitation-only gathering organized around convening of leaders from companies + professional services firms and pro bono intermediaries from around the world. The Summit engages leaders in interactive discussions, design sessions and facilitated breakouts to enable the sharing of best practices and spark field-changing ideas.

In partnership with the BMW Foundation, Taproot Foundation supports the Global Pro Bono Network to foster a global support network for the field of pro bono service. The Global Pro Bono Network is a group of independent NGOs from around the world who have been inspired by the Taproot Foundation to develop their own pro bono programs.

Held since 2013, supported by BMW Foundation and Taproot Foundation, the Summit has been convened in a different global city each year to demonstrate the different facets of Pro Bono and to give an impetus to the its growth in each region.

The Summit will bring together pro bono movement leaders from 30+ countries and will challenge them to identify ways to increase their impact and hold each other accountable to delivering and facilitating pro bono work that drives social change.

Participants will include Global Pro Bono Network Members (leading pro bonointermediaries”), corporate leaders in pro bono programming, foundations supporting pro bono efforts, and other pro bono enthusiasts. Participants seek to collaborate with their peers and partners, learn how pro bono can elevate and amplify other tools being used to create social change, and create strategies to provide more high-quality and high-impact pro bono service. Ideas and topics that surface during the course of these four days aim to transform into actionable commitments for the coming year.

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