Pro Bono Consultant for NPO development in Uganda


The NGO runs a technical college of 100 students, aged 17-28 based in a village in Tororo district, Eastern Uganda. The school is 4 hours drive away from Kampala. The role will need the volunteer to spent 3 weeks at the school and 1 week at the head office in Kampala. The NGO is committed to providing young adults the opportunity to education. Their focus is on technical life skills, specializing in the teaching of carpentry, bricklaying and tailoring. By providing these skills to underprivileged youth, they hope to empower them to live meaningful, happy and responsible lives. As they believe all young people have a right to be heard and a right to a fair start in life and that each and every human being possesses a unique purpose in life. It is their mission to empower young people to fulfill on their inner potential. For the minimum time of 4 weeks, we are looking for Pro Bono Consultants for organizational development.

VJD-No.: VJD14
Type: Knowledge Transfer (Probono)
Online Project: No
Location: Kololo, Kampala, Uganda
Minimum Stay: 4 weeks
Max. No. of Volunteers: 6 VOLUNTEERS
Project focus: Education, Special Education; (Higher) Secondary Education
SDG: 04 Quality Education

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  • The Operations assistant will support both the teaching and administrative staff to deliver on the day to day operations of the school.
  • Successfully implement the school’s business plans.
  • Organising events (medical camp, fund raising events, graduation ceremony, parents evening)
  • Supporting the school to implement standards and procedures.
  • Oversee monthly budgets/actual including pricing and cost controls.
  • Communicate with the donors
  • Manage Project Partners Facebook page as well as online kick starter fundraising campaigns


  • Volunteer should have experience of working within a school / academic setting.
  • Willingness to work within a diverse team will be essential for success.
  • The candidate must be comfortable staying for extended periods in a rural village setting.
  • S/he must be flexible and open minded enough to adjust to local customs, cultures and norms with a level of tolerance for different cultures.
  • The candidate should be a self reliant individual comfortable in new surroundings with strong personal organisational skills to manage his/her personal life.
  • The candidate should be proactive and able to foster open communication and collaboration.
  • The ideal candidate should have some project management, team leadership and management skills or have a strong interest in developing those skills.

Welche Dienstleistungen sind inkludiert

- Unterstützung vor dem Engagement
- ermäßigte Dienstleistungen
bei z.B. Versicherungen
- 24-Stunden-Notfall-Telefon
- Abholung vom Flughafen
(sofern nicht anders angegeben)
- erfahrene Mitarbeiter
- Sichere und einfache Unterkünfte
(manchmal geteilt)
- Alle Mahlzeiten (sofern nicht anders angegeben)
- Orientierung über Lehrmethoden und -techniken, Sprache, Sitten, Kultur und Religion (falls zutreffend)
- 24-Stunden-Unterstützung im Land
- Qualifizierten Tätigkeitsnachweis

Welche Leistung sind nicht inkludiert

- An- und Abreise
- Visum
- notwendige Impfungen
- Reiseversicherungen
(können ab 1,35 Euro pro Tag arrangiert werden)
- Ausflüge vor Ort
- Flughafensteuern
- Persönliche Ausgaben

Estimated Cost

Cost for the 1st week:

129 Euro

Cost for the following weeks:

76 Euro per week

Visit our FAQ page for financial help.

We offer you the possibility to engage yourself in a culturally and professionally challenging environment. Besides giving something back to the world; you get an excellent opportunity to further develop your personality and intercultural competence. We find a social project that perfectly matches your qualifications and preferences; prepare you for your new assignment; guide you before and during your volunteering experience, help to fundraise your mission and following up on your achievements once you get home. For this service we charge 1.600 Euro (net).

In short: We will make sure that all you need for a successful mission is provided to you!

or how this project makes a difference:
Long Term aim (desired impact):

Implementation of the school’s business plans.

Short Term aim (desired output for the individual volunteer coming):

The role includes organising events (medical camp, fund raising events, graduation ceremony, parents evening) as well as supporting the school to implement standards and procedures.

Accommodation on arrival:

On arrival, the volunteer will stay in a Guest House at a cost of €18 per night

Project is closed: 

22-12-2016 to 04-01-2017 over XMAS

Social activities (organised by partner): 1 day Kampala tour can be organised – the places to visit may include, the Kasubi tombs, Bhahai temple, the museum, the Gadaffi mosque – €54. We can also organize a one day to visit Jinja town, visit the source of river Nile, Owen falls dam and enjoy white water rafting -€133.
The volunteer may with mutual consent organse trips in and around Uganda – including safaris, gorilla treks and beach trips
Language lessons: 

KISWAHILI at a cost of €18 per week


The volunteer will work closely with the school operations manager with weekly calls. She will provide support and guidance in the course of carrying out of day to day tasks. Volunteer will also be appointed a mentor who will support the volunteer in the process of transitioning to the new environment and culture. The mentor is also available to the volunteer in case s/he needs to discuss any personal or emotional concerns in confidence.


Volunteers will be provided an internet modem that will require data refill by the volunteer monthly. A €44 refill can last a month

Other relevant information:

The role of Operations Assistant is flexible and it can be shared between a group of volunteers. Volunteers are free to suggest things that they have a passion and interest in – so for example if they would like to spend some of their time teaching, or helping with sports activities, or supporting the computer lab – that is also ok!


First Contact

Please contact us by phone, email or apply free of charge and without any obligation here as an individual and here as a company.


After extensive consultation on the process, the services, the costs and preparations, we will present the first suitable projects.


After an extensive consultation and presentation of the first suitable projects, we will conclude a written agreement. In order to have planning security for all stakeholders.

Presentation of  Volunteer Profile to Project Partner

Your application documents will be presented to the project partner.

Successful Placement

If the project partner decides for you, he documents this on the so-called Confirmation of Assignment (COA).
This is an indication for us that the pure mediation process is completed here and we can start with the preparation.


You will be prepared individually according to your previous knowledge.

Project Work

During your project work, a fixed contact person is at your disposal at any time.


At regular intervals, we as well as the project partners expect a short documentation of your project results and progress.


At the end of the project a feedback round takes place and the project work will be evaluated together with all participants.

Qualified Letter of Reference

After successful implementation of the project, you will receive a qualified letter of reference.

Do you think that this project perfectly fits you?

In that case we welcome your resume and motivation letter in English. Please mention the assignment title and its VJD-No. as reference. We will of course ensure complete confidentiality and discretion while processing your inquiry.


All information is correct to the best of our knowledge, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy and completeness.

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