Recap of GPBS in Mumbai

Wir haben mit Freude festgestellt, dass eine Reihe anderer GPBN-Mitglieder und einige internationale Unternehmen ihr Interesse bekundet haben, sich an diesem Programm zu beteiligen. Das multinational Pro Bono Program von Esther (AMAIDI), András (OKA) und Tatiana (Pro Bono Lab) entwickelt.

Esther, AMAIDI Regional Coordinator for Europe, was enthusiastic about taking part in the 6th Global Pro Bono Summit (GPBS), which took place in Mumbai from 6th to 9th February 2018. The Global Pro Bono Summit is designed as a combination of 2 convening – one focused on development and strengthening of the Global Pro Bono Network and the other that brings together pro bono leaders – Members, Foundations, Corporate and Professional Pro Bono Leaders – to share and collaborate to grow the pro bono movement globally.

Purpose of Network Days (members-only)

In the first two days, Esther participated a meeting series of the Global Pro Bono Network (GPBN) members. These network days were dedicated to discuss and agree on the further steps in the GPBN development, its goals and the directions towards which the member organisations aim at advancing the Network. At a time when the network moves from a project run and funded by the BMW Foundation and Taproot Foundation into a members-driven, self-governing and eventually self-funded network, it is crucial to have a closer look at the network itself. During our two days together as network members-only we want to deepen our relationships, build trust and have fun, but also devote time to the network’s purpose, value proposition, strategy and priorities, as well as to its governance, roles, responsibilities and processes all allowing for a maximum of participation and future engagement of members.

The new Global Council

On 7th February, the elections for the new Global Council members occurred, and Mamerito Ssenfuma, AMAIDI Regional Coordinator for Africa, was honored to be voted as the first Global Council representative of the African continent.

Multinational Pro Bono

Moreover, Esther along with András (from Önkéntes Központ Alapítvány-OKA) and Tatiana (from Pro Bono Lab), delivered a presentation of the achievements attained so far by the working group on the Multinational Pro Bono Programme, which was launched at the 5th Global Pro Bono Summit held in Lisbon in 2017, and it is still supervised and supported by AMAIDI.

We were pleased to notice that a number of other GPBN members and some Businesses showed their interest in being engaged in this Programme.

Global Pro Bono Summit (official Part): CREATING IMPACT, BUILDING VISION

In the following days, the GPBS was open to participants who were not members of the network, including local or Multinational companies, Indian NGOs and Pro Bono Intermediaries.

On the 8th February AMAIDI, through Esther attendance and Tanja Siebert, AMAIDI CEO, participation live via online streaming, could share knowledge, good practices and benefit from mutual learning with peer organisations, corporate and non-profit stakeholders. In particular, they took part in a 3 hour workshop facilitated by Pycera Global, during which, thanks to a role play, they could practise identifying themselves with other professionals while working in cross-sector collaborations to address social issues.

Furthermore, AMAIDI learnt more information regarding other GPBN members and familiarised with the efficiency of the Pecha Kucha style presentations to showcase the impact and pros of different pro bono models. Five Network members had the opportunity to showcase their organization and case studies of pro bono success via a Pecha Kucha presentation. Presenters were:

  • 1. Narinder Dhami, Pecaut Centre, Canada
  • 2. Parnita Rane, Empact, Singapore
  • 3. Sandrine Ramboux, C@rma, Turkey
  • 4. Zhai (Robin) Yan, Huizeren

In the afternoon, each Summit attendee had to choose 3 open sessions among the several options available. AMAIDI selected the session “Addressing Major Social Issues with Human Capital Investments” and “Pro Bono Secondment for Leadership Development and its Impact on Service Recipients and Business”. The workshop that sought to find a solid ground on which getting started and establishing transformative Pro Bono partnerships in Africa.

Site Visits and Corporate Convening

On the last day of the GPBS, we could opt for the site visits of local non-profit organisations or the Corporate convening. AMAIDI, which can already boast a quite extensive understanding of the Indian NPOs panorama by virtue of its foundation in India in 2006. Therefore we preferred to get a wider overview of the current status and level of experience of the Corporate sector’s Pro Bono commitment in India, by choosing the second alternative.

The Global Pro Bono Summit’s Corporate Convening strengthened and elevated the field of global corporate pro bono service. It unites a geographically diverse community of budding and established corporate practitioners. Over the course of a half-day of programming, it establishes a new standard of excellence in corporate pro bono by engaging participants in dynamic, inter-active sessions; and by introducing best practices, tools, and resources that help them to accelerate and deepen the impact of their programming. The Corporate Convening is a dynamic, content-rich, and highly-collaborative morning. It offers participants the opportunity to learn from pro bono experts– including practitioners from other companies and intermediaries in the field. And it also provides ample opportunity for individual contribution and group collaboration.

In conclusion, the 6th GPBS was a very stimulating event for AMAIDI, from which we drew inspiration to keep on promoting and innovating our Pro Bono initiatives in the countries we operate in.

Looking forward to meet everyone again in New York City in Spring 2019, where the 7th Global Pro Bono Summit will take place.


If you need further information or like to participate or sponsor the summit please get in contact with us.

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